Beyond Pro SL is Newcastle and Hunter Regions Authorised Antari Dealer

Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting Authorised Antari Dealer Newcastle

Beyond Pro Sound & Lighting is your authorised Antari dealer and we have Newcastle and Hunter region’s largest range of smoke and special effects machines in sales and hire.

We stock a huge range of consumables at the best price guaranteed.

We have the largest range of Antari smoke and special effects machine available for hire including:

Antari M9 Jet Machine HIRE $149.00


The M-9 RGBAW is Antari’s most advanced CO2 effect simulator ever produced.

A new specially designed and patented high-pressure heater block allows the M-9 to produce a CO2 simulated blast as high as 10 meters (over 30 feet), without the need for dangerous and cumbersome CO2 tanks.

The M-9 comes equipped with high-powered 5-in-1 RGBAW LEDs to create a colourful cloud in the widest colour spectrum possible.

Versatile case design allows the unit to be mounted vertically, horizontally, or inverted without fear of leaking or dripping thanks to Antari’s specially designed fluid transfer system.

The M-9’s versatile control options include a built-in electronic timer, DMX with RDM, stand-alone operation, and built-in wireless remote.

The units also come with 8 pre-programmed, coloured chase effects and 25 colour macros for quick and easy programming.


Antari HZ1000 Hazer HIRE $199.00


HZ-1000 is the most advanced haze machine among Antari’s HZ series.

With the option of single or twin-compressor modes, this exceptional hazer can now be used in a greater range of various venues.

The TFT colour touch panel makes it much easier to navigate through the settings.

More protection and convenience is provided with the wheeled road case while touring.

Built-in turbo fan not only brings the haze higher and farther, it also enables the hazer to create drier haze with minimum residue.

Antari F7 Smaze HIRE $160.00


Designed for a large venue, the F-7 Smaze machine offers an all-in-one solution for your needs.

With its switchable Fog and Faze mode, the machine produces strong powerful fog or a thin layer of haze to fill up the venue in minutes.

Equipped with Antari's latest air pump technology, it is able to produce fine dry fog and the built-in adjustable fan allows you to direct the fog easily.

Antari F7 Smaze HIRE $160.00


The S500 Snow Machine delivers air and snow via the nozzle attached to a 10m hose, where the air volume and fluid rate can be adjusted to achieve the perfect snow effects – from fine snow to blizzard-like conditions!

The main body and 20-litre fluid tank are placed inside a road case with wheels and the hose can be rigged to a stand or truss.

It also has an optional pan motor which would allow coverage of a larger area, perfect for large productions.

Since 1984, Antari has been a leading global manufacturer, specializing in atmospheric special effects, like fog, haze, and snow for a wide range of international live and broadcast venues, festivals, corporate events, theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, entertainment, and houses of worship.

Antari has always pursued the perfect fog, with some of the most stringent quality control standards in the entertainment production industry.

Dazzle your guests at your next event with some amazing effects by purchasing or hiring an Antari Effects Machine.

Check out our website or contact us directly.

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