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Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting provide PA Hire services across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, with a focus on providing the best equipment for every event. The basic components of a PA system include a microphone, amplifier and speakers, but there are many different factors at play which affect the performance of a PA system. Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting can help you select the most optimal set up for your next event, from our extensive range of audio equipment. Here are just some of the things to consider:

  • Type of Environment

Whether the event takes place indoors or outdoors will affect the type of PA system you hire. It is also important to consider whether the environment is quiet or noisy, as ideally, the sound needs to be heard clearly regardless of where someone is standing.

  • Number of people in the audience

The audience also contributes to noise and sound distribution, and you want every member of your audience to clearly hear you. We can help you design a set up which sounds equally great, no matter where you are in the audience.

  • Type of event

Which event are you hiring a PA system for? Is it a birthday party, wedding reception, a meeting? These different types of events, and many more, have different PA requirements. For example, a birthday party held in the backyard may require less amplification than a wedding reception because of the environment and number of attendants. Also, the type of event will determine the design of the speakers you choose. More prestigious events will require stylish-looking or unobtrusive speakers. Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting also have a huge range of PA systems available for hire for bands and live entertainment acts from the biggest brands including: Cerwin Vega, Wharfedale Pro, QSC, NEXO, Martin Audio and EV.

- Delivery, Setup and operation.

Most PA hire providers offer to set up the system for your event, at a fee which is included in the total price. You may opt to install the PA yourself, but it is best if the hire company does it for you to save time and energy. Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting can provide a turn key solution when it comes to PA hire, including full supply, delivery, setup and operation and of course, very competitive rates.

Many venues have stringent requirements as to when equipment can be delivered and collected etc, be sure to have all the details required for a hassle free service.

- Price vs Features

Before you choose a PA hire, compare the prices of different PA systems and their features. Keep to your budget and get the best PA hire deals. Remember if your price seems to good to be true it probably is. Watch out for companies who do not quote everything you need, for example microphone stands, speaker stands additional cables etc.


Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting provide 24 hour telephone support for customers who are hiring our PA systems. We can help answer any concerns or questions, simply call us on 1800 357 467 or email to start planning your next event!

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