Harness More Power and DMX Control: The Chromeateq Club1024. SAVE $140


Do you want to add more power and control to your lighting show? 

At Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting, we sell a large range of DMX interfaces and controllers, and the Chromeateq Club1024 is a leading professional choice for future-proofing your DMX.

The Chromeateq Club1024 has 2 x 512 channel universes, that you can run a large number of lights, or multichannel lights, in full modes. 

The software is free to download, the unit can be programmed to run a show, and you can use it as a standalone device, for architectural lighting, theatre, DJs or Bands.
Download the free software to have a play with it from https://chromateq.eu/download-software/. They offer a virtual 3d view of the program with your virtual lights!

We have the Chromeateq CLUB1024 ON SALE for $309 this week. 

That is a Saving of over $140 when comparing our price to other online retailers! 

We will help you get started in the world of DMX in-store.  

Contact DJ Mike and the Team for more information on the Chromateq CLUB1024 or Shop Now.


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