In-ear Monitors/Monitoring at Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting

LD Systems ME11000G2

Why is it DJ's use headphones over their ears? Musos use foldback speakers to hear the band/music, a better way with technology is IEM or In-ear monitors, they are a transmitter and bodypack receiver with 3.5mm out for in-ear monitoring. 

They are common now as a standard piece of kit, as they provide freedom on stage without cables getting caught on equipment.

Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting have a wide range available from one of the best, Sennheiser.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly model for your home music space we have in stock the LD (yes makers of the fantastic speakers) MEI1000G2 B6. This product delivers a large dynamic range and outstanding cross talk behaviour, switchable mono, stereo, adjustable EQ and limiter features to convey a very natural sound reproduction. Besides the standard uses, other uses are in video for conference calls aka Zoom meetings and radio outside broadcasts.

*DJ Mike note - I have even used them to connect a powered speaker in a remote corner to reduce cabling.
The LD MEI1000G2 B6 is in stock for immediate delivery or pickup for $529


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