Sennheiser 75th Birthday Sale!

Sennheiser is celebrating its 75th birthday with a special sale of three of their most highly regarded products! 

The MD421 II microphone is one of the most versatile and iconic microphones ever mode, and it is a steal at just $329 (almost 50% off!). It features a large diaphragm dynamic capsule, five position bass roll off switch, easy handling and best in class sound reproduction. It’s perfect for recording instruments or vocals, delivering punch, warmth and detail in any application.

The HD200 PRO Headphones were designed with your home studio in mind. Use it for all forms of recording, production and content creation. A closed, around ear design reduces ambient noise, while Sennheiser’s proprietary transducers deliver outstanding stereo sound reproduction. Pick up a pair today for just $99 (50% off!)

Looking for something a bit more professional? The HMD 300 PRO headset will take your broadcast or production to the next level. It features high passive attenuation with Sennheiser’s best ear cup seal to date, impressive headphone acoustics which are optimised for speech, a high quality supercardioid dynamic mic, and a modular cable system. Get it today for $449 (20% off!)

We’re offering two special bundles in this promo - 

HMD 300 PRO-X4F, bundling the dual-sided HMD 300 PRO headset with a 4-pin CABLE-II-X4F and two clear nameplates to facilitate personalization and identification of the headset. $449 - 35% off

HMD 301 PRO-X4F, bundling the single-sided HMD 301 PRO headset with a 4-pin CABLE-II-X4F and one clear nameplate to facilitate personalization and easy identification of the headset. $449 - 30% off

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