Simple and Affordable LED Screen Hire at Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting

Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting stock a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED screens, suitable for many applications. We offer LED screens for hire in various shapes, sizes and pixel pitch to create the best experience possible.

LED screens are now commonplace in a wide variety of different events, owing to their many advantages over traditional screens and printed media. These include:

  • Easy configuration: modules can be arranged in any way you want. This means you're not limited to just rectangular shapes!
  • Bright and dimmable: LED screens can reach a peak brightness of 4000 nits, making them clearly visible in direct sunlight, and can be dimmed for a comfortable viewing experience at night.
  • Versatile and fluid: LED screens can be used to display any type of content, from pictures to slideshows, presentations and videos.

When it comes to overall packages and integrated LED screen systems it is important to have all the bases covered with all the necessities and accessories such as:

  • LED Screens in a variety of pixel pitches 2.5mm to 40mm.
  • Media servers from the worlds leading brands such as Grand VJ and Resolume.
  • Processing and scaling with high end brands like Novastar.
  • Trussing, Rigging and Infrastructure for a whole variety of ground support or set build LED screen systems
  • Data and mains distribution networks covering fibre optics and Cat6 systems

Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting are experts in LED screen hire! Give us a call on 1800 357 467 or email to discuss how LED screens can take your next event up a notch!

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